5 Pros and Cons Living in Singapore

Weather in Singapore

Singapore is hot, humid and rainy all year long. Don’t get caught without an umbrella, no matter how beautiful the weather could be.

PRO: Summertime, all the time

As Singapore is in the tropics, Singapore’s temperature is always hot. You can dress in the same summer clothes all year round when living in Singapore. April is typically the hottest month of the year.

CON: It rains almost one-quarter time of the year

When it is not incredibly sunny, it is raining. Singapore have two seasons: the Northeast Monsoon (December to March) and the Southwest Monsoon (May to September). There will be heavy thunderstorms which tends to occur during the Southwest Monsoon season.

Transportation in Singapore

Singapore might be a small country, but its road network and transportation system are extensive and wide. Whether you are driving, or taking the public transport, it is easy to get around the island.

PRO: Great public transport

Getting around Singapore by bus or by the subway. known as MRT (Mass Rapid Transit), is easy and convenient. Public transportation is really cheap too. More train lines are expected to be built over the next decade, making even the farthest corners of the island easily accessible. Cabs, which are also extremely affordable, are an alternative mode of transportation.

CON: Cars are costly

Owning a car in Singapore is a seriously expensive undertaking. Car owners must pay for a Certificate of Entitlement, as well as heavy customs duties, taxes and insurance fees. A car in Singapore costs at least double what it would cost for the same car in the United States. On top of that, tolls, known as ERP (Electronic Road Pricing), charge drivers for using roads. These tolls increase in cost during peak hours. Drivers must pay for parking almost everywhere in Singapore, including malls and other public venues.

Safety in Singapore

Although one hardly sees police officers or police cars out and about, living in Singapore is an extremely safe.

PRO: Low crime rate

Singapore is a very safe country with one of the lowest crime rates in the world and a zero tolerance policy when it comes to drugs.

CON: Poor pedestrian and cyclist safety

Pedestrians do not have the right of way in Singapore, so it’s a smart idea to use crosswalks whenever possible. Sometimes bikes share the sidewalks with pedestrians, but sidewalks tend to be really small so this can be dangerous. Cyclists don’t have dedicated bike lanes in Singapore and most cars and trucks do not look out for bikes on the road. Anyone who is going to ride a bike should wear a helmet. However, the Singapore government are building more cyclist pathway to accommodate the increase in the numbers of cyclist.

Healthcare in Singapore

Healthcare in Singapore is affordable and considered one of the best in Asia. Even if not a permanent resident, healthcare in Singapore is reasonably priced.

PRO: Lots of doctors and facilities to choose from

As Singapore is facing ageing population, there are more number of private hospitals, public hospitals and outpatient polyclinics throughout the island to choose from. Along with these facilities, there are also private medical practitioner clinics in most neighbourhoods.

CON: Unexpected upfront costs

An unexpected trip to the doctor can be a bit expensive as the hospital do not normally accept direct bill settlement from the insurance company, and the patient have to pay the bill on the spot. If the hospital does not accept direct bill settlement, the patient is expected to pay for the consultation and any other services provided at the time of visit, including prescriptions for medication.

Accommodation in Singapore

The housing in Singapore mainly comes in high-rise condo or apartments; but there are lots of green spaces and parks around the island to make up for not having a gardening space.

PRO: Lots of options

Whether expats want to rent a HDB (government-owned) flat or a privately owned condo, they’ll have lots of options. High-rise developments are springing up all over Singapore. Most of the privately owned condos and apartments, especially the new ones, have amenities such as pools, playgrounds, gyms and function rooms included on site.

CON: Rent is expensive

Singapore has land and space scarcity hence rent in Singapore can be really expensive. You can expect to pay more for a location closer to the central business district, Orchard Road, Holland Village, and other more popular neighbourhoods that are expat friendly. Landed homes are usually priced higher.

The few tips above are just some of the information you will need when you are in Singapore.  At Abiel Corporate Housing, we pride ourselves at providing rental property in Singapore that are 50% larger than hotel and our price is normally 40% less than hotel and serviced apartment.