How to Retain Good Employees in a Fickle World

The new normal is four job changes by the time one is 32 – according to a study on work trends released in 2016 by LinkedIn, a professional networking company. So how can companies keep their best employees and motivate them to stay in their jobs in this fickle world?

As a growing hospitality business in the corporate accommodation sector in Singapore, it is challenging for Abiel to fully match the suite of employee benefits offered by multi-national hospitality providers. However, Abiel has our own unique blend of staff retention strategies to keep our best employees motivated so that we can continue offering topnotch service to guests seeking value for money, convenient corporate accommodation in Singapore.

First of all, we treat every staff member as part of the extended Abiel family. We have meals together regularly and we go on staff retreats, during which we share work experiences and learn as a team. Birthdays and festivities such as Mid-Autumn Festival, Christmas and New Year are always celebrated in our company. These staff bonding sessions during special occasions enable us to celebrate our wins, and they also offer relaxed settings to build team rapport.

Secondly, we understand through our Abiel family time that our employees are motivated by monetary rewards, paid time off, as well as professional growth and career progression opportunities.

As a fast-growing company, Abiel offers ample opportunities for cross-discipline work and promotions for good employees in different hospitality career tracks. Our staff are able to work across hospitality disciplines ranging from front desk work to housekeeping, sales, marketing, security, information technology and management pathways. Through systematic career planning for every identified Abiel employee who demonstrates passion for the hospitality sector, our staff have opportunities to pick up technical competencies and transferable skills such as customer service and interpersonal skills through on-the-job and external training. As our staff offer increasingly more value-added contributions to the company, they are rewarded with better remuneration packages.

We are confident that with our employees growing in their knowledge, skills and competencies, Abiel is able to continue offering best-in-class value for money corporate accommodation in Singapore, and our business will in turn flourish. Our low staff turnover suggests that our staff retention strategies are working and we will continue to fine-tune our approach over time.

Come meet the Abiel team and benefit from our value for money, convenient corporate accommodation solution in Singapore. Visit abielcorporatehousing.com or contact your helpful Abiel booking buddy at info@abiel.com.sg. We look forward to welcoming you to your ideal home away from home.

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