At Home in a Foreign Land

One of the most exciting prospects of relocating abroad is the opportunity to re-shape one’s life afresh. Everything from where you would live to how you would live is up for a new script.

Studies looking at expat living largely conclude three key points on what expats want most out of relocations: security and stability, i.e. a safe and good living arrangements with a stable work set-up; easy access to their work place and recreational activities; and self-improvement gains, or gaining experiences in the new location.

At Abiel, we cater to all of these expat wants and more. We make expat living in Singapore easy for all our guests with the long-staying guests benefitting the most from our Abiel family philosophy. As one of the best places to live in Singapore for expats living and working in Singapore, we planned from the outset to create a safe and comfortable home for expats at our property, Abiel@OneTree, which is in a central location with easy transport links.

Recently, we posed this question “How has staying in Abiel@One Tree helped you settle in easily as an expat living in Singapore?” to our guests and here are some of the replies:

“Four things: Very professional attitude towards customers, kindness, very supportive, and best suites ever!”
– Mr Zaid Al Mamari

“The property is very wonderful. Professional staff. Passionate service.”
– Mr Jiang Shan

“We had a great stay at the apartment. Abiel provided everything we needed and they were all of high quality. Special mention to Zack from Abiel and the housekeeper who both did a truly excellent job. We would happily recommend Abiel to anyone.”
– Mr Adam Henderson

“From day 1, we were really handled well. Very considerate, and I felt like FAMILY, being with all of you. Your suites are so classy and so comfortable. Just loved how beautifully and tastefully furnished your suites are. Thank you for making my stay memorable.”
– Ms Srini Madharvi P

“With good location, kind staff and great housekeeping. I really had a comfortable stay. The suite and services here have definitely made my time in Singapore enjoyable!”
– Mr Kento Miyake

“We’re really happy to find this apartment. All the services are excellent and very professional. It feels like home while we are in Singapore. Perfect for small family like ours.”
– Marisa Waskito & Family

You are really just one step away from finding your home away from home in Singapore. If you like what our guests have shared on how our property and services have helped them enjoy expat living in Singapore, why not check out Abiel@OneTree? Contact your helpful Abiel booking executive now at info@abiel.com.sg. You could also visit our website at abielcorporatehousing.com to view photos and get more information on our units and services.

We look forward to welcoming you at Abiel, one of the best places to live in Singapore for expats living and working in Singapore.

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