What is Corporate Housing and why?

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So what’s Corporate Housing? Well, Corporate Housing is a term in the travel industry meaning renting out a furnished apartment, condo, or house on a temporary basis to individuals, military personnel, or corporations as an alternative to a traditional hotel or an extended hotel stay.

In Abiel’s view, Corporate Housing translates to making sure each and every client of ours, be it our Corporate Clients, Independent Business Travellers or Medical Tourists enjoy proper amenities and care, with top hygiene and cleanliness standards with competitive prices of up to 40% cheaper, and 50% larger spaces as compared to traditional hotels and serviced apartments.

So, why Corporate Housing?

#1 Perfect for frequent Travellers
Corporate Housing rentals are perfect for businessmen who need to travel frequently. A corporate housing rental stay would be preferred over a hotel for most people. Hotels can be very pricey even if the stay is short term. When the price of Corporate Housing is much cheaper than hotels, and you get a fully furnished apartment with kitchen amenities vs a hotel room, Corporate Housing would naturally be the more logical option.
#2 So much more economical
Corporate Housing will save the company a lot of money when sending employees out on business trips to get rentals. This way if the employees needed an extended stay, it would not cost any more money to the company. Corporate housing rentals are not only less expensive but are more comfortable temporary housing for businessmen. They are usually in meetings all day long and enjoy coming home to fully furnished corporate housing rentals.

#3 More Comfort & Flexibility, Less Worries & Hassle
Corporate housing will make a employees’ trip a lot more comfortable and he/she will be more likely to work harder. Corporate housing furnished apartments are the way to go when the need to send employees out on national trips is high.

Corporate housing rentals will provide your company with many benefits. The employees will feel more at home in furnished corporate housing rentals. They will be more productive and deliver in meetings.

Corporate housing for short term stay is a great way to go. If the trip goes longer as planned, it will not be a big deal to stay another night. As for a hotel, extended stay is costly and an employees may rush the work he/she was sent to do. Corporate housing is the best solution to a lot of problems that business trips create.

Of course, there are many other great reasons for you to choose Corporate Housing over traditional hotels and serviced apartments, for example the freedom to cook! At Abiel Corporate Housing, we promise to serve each and every client sincerely with top quality and amenities, coupled with competitive prices. Visit us at http://abielcorporatehousing.com or contact us at 90508493 to find out more.

Credits to http://www.selfgrowth.com/articles/the-benefits-of-corporate-housing-rentals for the good insights and information.