Getting Best Value for Money for Your New Singapore Home

Your next job location is fixed – you are headed to Singapore. The paperwork for your work visa is in processing, and you just need to find suitable housing that gives you best value for money.

As a regional business hub, there is robust demand for good quality, value for money short and long-term expat accommodation in Singapore. There is a wide variety of housing options ranging from traditional full-service hotel and serviced apartments that come with correspondingly higher room rates, to private property leases offered by independent property owners who provide varying standards of furnishings and lease conditions.

To get best value for money, a new expat in Singapore typically goes through at least 5 property viewings just to suss out the lay of the land and the various districts, before committing to a more focused search in the expat-friendly neighbourhoods like those near Chinatown and the CBD.

Here are some tips on how to get maximum value for money for expat accommodation in Singapore:

1. High quality ≠ High cost

As there are ample property options available in the Singapore leasing market, do some online research on rental properties that stand out for offering tasteful high-quality furnishings and compare the prices within your shortlisted neighbourhoods. High quality does not always mean high cost! You can definitely find value for money expat accommodation near Chinatown and the CBD that offer you high quality furnishings at comparatively lower prices.

2. Space matters

Every square footage counts in land-scarce Singapore. Property rental fees are typically negotiated by per-square-footage price with a premium attached to popular neighbourhoods like those near Chinatown and the CBD. It is easy to work out the value for money comparisons once you have viewed several properties in your shortlisted district.

In our case, Abiel’s standard customer service training ensures consistency in our “friends first” approach, while the LAST model standardises the way everyone goes about handling difficult customers. Regardless of the business you are in, the management must “walk the talk” and lead the way by practising the same customer service philosophy to managing customers expectations.

3. Value for money extras count too

Those who appreciate higher security and personalised services such as a dedicated station concierge or 24/7 virtual concierge must factor in the related costs that are worked into the monthly rental fee. Ask your landlord what extra value services are included in the rental agreement.

If you are looking for best value for money expat accommodation in Singapore, come meet with the Abiel family and check out our Abiel@One Tree apartments at the Tiong Bahru-Outram district which is near Chinatown and the CBD. Our guests enjoy up to 40% savings compared to booking serviced apartments and hotels while enjoying many features of a full-service property.

For instance, Abiel@One Tree offers concierge service such as by showing new guests around the neighbourhood and familiarising them with the amenities when they are checking in. In addition, our guests have access to the Abiel team via a 24-hour online/sms concierge service. Our staff takes care of our guests like extended members of the Abiel family. For example, our staff has brought guests who are unwell to the doctor’s and has also visited hospitalised guests as we know many of our clients have no family members in Singapore. We have also introduced business contacts in our network for guests looking for leads.

Besides the more favourable rates and personalised services that we offer, our Abiel@One Tree apartments are also typically 50% larger than equivalent hotel accommodation in Singapore so you get more value for money.

To choose your Abiel home in Singapore, visit abielcorporatehousing.com or contact your helpful Abiel booking buddy at info@abiel.com.sg. We look forward to welcoming you to your ideal home away from home.

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