5 Most Important Priorities When Choosing a Short Term Rental in Singapore

When you’re looking for long or short term rental in Singapore, you’ll need to prioritize what matters most for your search. From location to cost, here’s a list of the top five pointers to consider before renting your next apartment.


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Lease term is one of the most important point because the rest of your short term rental in Singapore is dependent on it. In the past, the lease is usually 2 years, but many buildings are now offering short term stay. The contract will lay out the rules, amenities and inventories list, it should all be laid out in the Offer of Tenancy.

Read it, and make sure you fully understand what you are signing. What would be the penalty if there is an early termination of contract? Thinking of it, what if you were to extend your stay? Would there be a clause that allows extended stay? At Abiel Corporate Housing, we are flexible and we offer short term accommodation for business travellers and working expatriates.

Now that you have decided with the tenure period, it’s time to consider the other pointers.

2. Location

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When possible, always go for viewing and research about the area before you sign the agreement. Before agreeing to the offer of tenancy make sure you evaluate the safety of the city. Visit the area at different times of the day and night to get a feel for the usual activity and noise level. It would be good to research about amenities around your short term rental in Singapore. If you are heading to work from your new apartment, do research on the fastest driving or public transport route. If you neglect proper location study, you could potentially stay in a noisy and unsafe location. At Abiel, we are strategically located in CBDs and medical hubs with proper amenities nearby (MRT, Buses and F&B) to ensure you get to places fast and smoothly.

3. Cost

Living in Singapore, it’s paramount to compare the costs of other local apartments but always remember what is important to you. Is it, convenience, housekeeping or location? Likewise, compare the costs of your previous apartments in different cities. Is the price of the apartment fair for the services provided? Will the price be within your budget? Write down your monthly expenses and stay within what you can afford. With Abiel, you can afford with an ease of mind as our prices are the most competitive in the market with the best value provided.

4. Condition

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Abiel short term rental in Singapore

When viewing a potential apartment or before signing the tenancy agreement, take note of any visible damage and point it out to the landlord or management. Find out if they are aware of the damage and that you are not liable for it.  Furthermore, enquire about what your potential landlord considers damage you are liable to. Read the agreement carefully before signing it. With Abiel, you are entering not just a Suite Apartment, but experiencing a lifestyle of clean, modern and minimalistic living with us.

5. Conveniences

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Cafe at HC Suites by Abiel

An apartment that includes conveniences such as laundry or housekeeping should be definitely worth considering. Imagine after a hard day of work, heading back to a home that has been well-furnished and clean, that would save you the time to do house work.

With many local and foreign delights right at your doorstep, you can indulge in a food festival everyday.

The above pointers are what everyone should first consider, bearing in mind these points would help to expedite the search for a dream apartment.

If you are moving to Singapore, and would love to explore this vibrant city with all the delicious food.

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